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  • Antonio Albanese -

    Antonio Albanese, an Italian writer, comedian, actor and director, born on Oct 10, 1964 in Lombardy, studied in Milan at Civic Drama School with intention of pursuing acting as a career...

  • Satyajit Ray -

    Satyajit Ray


    Born on May 2, 1921, Satyajit Ray was an Indian filmmaker who came to be regarded as a filmmaker who could also be known as the author of his film...

  • Alfred Newman -

    Alfred Newman

    Alfred Newman is an American Actor born on 20 August 1981 in London, England, UK...

  • Karl Malden -

    Born in Chicago on 1912 March 22, Karl Malden was brought up by his parents. He is a famous Film Actor and a well known television actor...

  • George A. Romero -

    George A. Romero was born in America but was an American and Canadian director as well as producer...


Mark Boucher Bryan Donnell
Daniel Hubbard James Francis Jr.
Tony Hudson Brian Backman
Laura MacNutt Eric Dawson
José Luis Alcaine Bill Wandel
Lindsay Chag
  • Lindsay Chag
  • Place of birth: Sacramento, California, USA
  • Top celebrities: 6813
Sandra Woodring
Neill Gorton Josy Capkun
David Crowther Eivind Fredagsvik Øyangen
Steffen 'Bobby' Henzler David Bloch
Eric Hester Adam Howard
  • Adam Howard
  • Place of birth: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Top celebrities: 7743
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