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  • Jennifer Love Hewitt -

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is a female actress born February 21, 1979. American as a nationality, she is also a famous television producer and author...

  • Laura Dern -

    Laura Dern was born on February 10, 1967, in Los Angeles, California, the USA. She is a successful American Actress, director, as well as a producer...

  • Michael Bay -

    Michael Bay, an American actor, camera operator, film producer and director, born (Oct 3, 2006) in Los Angeles, California, had his education at Art center college of Design...

  • Max Steiner -

    Max Steiner

    What is the one thing common among Max Steiner and Rudolf Friml...

  • Robert Towne -

    Robert is the well-known as well as renowned Writer, producer, director, and actor. Robert was Born in LA, California at USA, and he was brought up in seaport town of the San Pedro...


Jim O'Grady
  • Jim O'Grady
  • Place of birth: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Top celebrities: 5013
Simone de Beauvoir
Michele Conroy Matthias Grunsky
Jonathan Brown Bernt Amadeus Capra
Cristian Olcina Richard Wagner
  • David Blass
  • Place of birth: Ashland, Massachusetts, USA
  • Top celebrities: 8955
Jason Weil
Ross A. Maehl Alka Yagnik
  • Alka Yagnik
  • Place of birth: Calcutta, West Bengal, India
  • Top celebrities: 9311
Pamela Choules Michael Krantz
Alec Bartsch Charles Rosher
Evan Evans
  • Evan Evans
  • Place of birth: Bergen County, New Jersey, USA
  • Top celebrities: 6656
Amy L. Klein
Richard Worden Maurice Jarre
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