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  • Alexander Adolph -

    Alexander Adolph born on Nov 15, 1965 in Munich is a German screenwriter and director. After his school life, Adolf passed his first, second state examination in Law and at that time wrote plays for radio, and he won Grand Prix de a Radio...

  • Peter O'Toole -

    Peter O'Toole

    A Shakespearean actor to have outsmarted many of his contemporaries is the very handsome and blue eyed actor Peter O’Toole, who we all identify with the film that made him a star...

  • Peggy Ashcroft -

    Peggy Ashcroft was an English actress who is famous for an enticing career that is reported to have spanned almost 48 years...

  • Franz Waxman -

    Franz Waxman was born in Germany but was a famous composer in Jewish-American Language. He is particularly known for his work portrayal in the musical genre in the industry of Hollywood...

  • Arthur Cohn -

    Arthur Cohn, a film producer was born in Feb 4th, 1927 in Switzerland. The first period of his life was spent as a journalist and an author...


Alexandra Hoesdorff David Legault
Christian Schaefer Philip Schulz-Deyle
Kerstin Kexel Michael Ambrose
Serge Morache Zevi Ghivelder
Jeanine Rohn Ramiro Gómez
Stéphane Pereira Bing Sokolsky
Fima Noveck Tony Dawe
Marc Vanocur
  • Marc Vanocur
  • Place of birth: Santa Monica, California, USA
  • Top celebrities: 8260
Michael A. Brown
Lawrence Sher Loni Peristere
Thomas Mann
  • Thomas Mann
  • Place of birth: Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
  • Top celebrities: 9047
David Arnold
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