What is CellMailGraph?

  • A graphical interface to your electronic mail.
  • An attempt to make information visualization a personal experience.
  • An alert system.
  • A nice wallpaper for your portable computer.
  • Ambient data on your phone.
  • A playful application.
In brief: CellMailGraph is a tool to visualize the Inbox of your electronic mail on your Java enabled cellphone or PDA. Know in a glance if you have new emails in your mailbox from the people and about the topics that are important for you.



  • Email is one of the most widespread communication tool.
  • Handheld devices are the most pervasive personal computers.
  • Cellphone applications have poorly replicated applications for larger screen computers, but they don't adapt to their different context of usage.
  • Graphics can convey information more quickly and efficiently than text.
  • Mobile devices are a natural platform for ambient data.
  • Personal applications can be fun!
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