Interesting facts of their life:
  • Brian Henson -

    Brian Henson, an American director, puppeteer, and producer was born on November 3, 1963. When Brian Henson was a child, he appeared a few times in some part of the series for childrenSesame Streethis dad made for the PBS...

  • Robert Israel -

    Robert Israel was born in the year 1963 at Los Angeles, California. He became very popular for his work on The Fisherman, Greed and The General...

  • Heinz Rühmann -

    Heinz ruhmann was born on March 7, 1902 and he died on October 3, 199. He died in Bavaria Germany...

  • Richard Farnsworth -

    Richard Farnsworth was born on September 1, 1920 in Los Angeles, California and died October 6, 2000 in Lincoln (New Mexico) is an American actor...

  • Freddie Young -

    Freddie Young was considered as one of the most successful and skillful cinematographer amongst British fellow persons...

Celebrities from 1975-1998 years

Lacey Chabert Ariana Richards Ariana Richards-2
Asia Argento Asia Argento-2 Kieran Culkin Kieran Culkin-2
Joseph Mazzello Joseph Mazzello-2 Devon Sawa Devon Sawa-2
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Jonathan Taylor Thomas-2 Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum-2
William Dodds William Dodds-2 Zachary Gamburg Zachary Gamburg-2
Evan Evans Evan Evans-2 John Karyus John Karyus-2
Emma de Caunes Emma de Caunes-2 Kareena Kapoor Kareena Kapoor-2
Fiona Apple Fiona Apple-2 Wes Bentley Wes Bentley-2
Spencer Treat Clark Spencer Treat Clark-2 Oliver Hudson Oliver Hudson-2
Erika Page Erika Page-2 Keri Lynn Pratt Keri Lynn Pratt-2
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