Interesting facts of their life:
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg -

    Charlotteis an Anglo-French actress.  Born on 21 July 1971, she is also known as a singer.Charlottedebuted in the movie Paroles et Musique as the daughter of Catherine Deneuve in 1984...

  • Ernesto Alterio -

    Ernesto Alterio, a Spanish actor in television and films, was born (25 July 1970) in Argentina, His father is Hector Alterio who was an actor and a political activist...

  • Dean Martin -

    Dean Martin was originally called as Dino Paul Crocetti. He took birth in America in the year 1917...

  • Laurence Rosenthal -

     Laurence Rosenthal is an American composer who is also famous as an arranger and conductor for theater, television, and film...

  • Gary Cooper -

    Gary Cooper was a great and well known American personality. He was often credited for his style of stoic, grounded style, and the portrayal of roles he did...

Celebrities from 1975-1998 years

Miriam Kruishoop Miriam Kruishoop-2 David Krumholtz David Krumholtz-2
Line Kruse Line Kruse-2 Yôsuke Kubozuka Yôsuke Kubozuka-2
Lenn Kudrjawizki Lenn Kudrjawizki-2 Chiaki Kuriyama Chiaki Kuriyama-2
Daniel Kusan Daniel Kusan-2 Ryan Kwanten Ryan Kwanten-2
Tyler Labine Tyler Labine-2 Jordan Ladd Jordan Ladd-2
James Lafferty James Lafferty-2
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