Interesting facts of their life:
  • Lili Taylor -

    Lili Taylor born February 20, 1967 is an American Actress. She was born in Glencoe, Illinois, the USA, and then she started her career in 1986...

  • Monica Bellucci -

    Monica Bellucci, an Italian actress and fashion model, born (30 Sep 1964) in Umbria, Italy, began modeling at the age of 13...

  • Jack Lemmon -

    The Navy Man Who Got Into Acting - Jack Lemmon

    Jack Lemmon is credited with 60 films in his acting career...

  • Stephen Frears -

    Stephen Frears


    Stephen Arthur Frears was born in Leicester, England on June 20, 1941...

  • Tonino Delli Colli -

    Tonino delli colli was born on November 20, 1923 in Rome, Italy; he died on august 16, 2005.He was a cinematographer...

Celebrities from 1975-1998 years

Joshua Tunick Joshua Tunick-2 Jeremy C. Colfer Jeremy C. Colfer-2
Andrew Lowes Andrew Lowes-2 Barry Potter Barry Potter-2
Ben Eberhard Ben Eberhard-2 Oliver Block Oliver Block-2
Ashley Edner Ashley Edner-2 Bart Schroeven Bart Schroeven-2
Bobby Edner Bobby Edner-2 Mark Hosack Mark Hosack-2
  • Josh Skye
  • Birth Date: 1976, 09 of March
  • Lucky number: 12
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
Josh Skye Josh Skye-2
Mohammed Sharafi Mohammed Sharafi-2
Alexander Skarsgård Alexander Skarsgård-2 William Dodds William Dodds-2
Zachary Gamburg Zachary Gamburg-2 Kristina Anapau Kristina Anapau-2
Verton R. Banks Verton R. Banks-2 Jonathan Figg Jonathan Figg-2
  • Ángel Mena
  • Birth Date: 1975, 27 of June
  • Lucky number: 14
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
Ángel Mena Ángel Mena-2
  • Lori Grossman
  • Birth Date: 1975, 09 of May
  • Lucky number: 39
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
Lori Grossman Lori Grossman-2
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