Interesting facts of their life:
  • Hank Azaria -

    Hank Azaria, born on April 25, 1964 is an American Actor. Being a voice actor, and comedian, he is also known as a producer, director, and writer...

  • Dennis Hopper -

    Dennis Hopper

    Dennis Hopper is an American actor born on May 27, 1964 in Los Angeles, California...

  • Phil Donahue -

    Phil Donahue

    Come on, who doesn’t know this eminent writer and presenter Phil Donahue who has adorned the American TV for a long time and has hosted the very famous and widely watched show that includes him as a host who interviews many famous personalities...

  • Anouk Aimée -

    The Anouk Aimée is a French film actress, who has become visible in 70 films since 1947, having started her film profession at age 14...

  • Morris Stoloff -

    Morris Stoloff was born in 1898 in Philadelphia. As a child, his musical talent was recognized and encouraged...

Celebrities from 1975-1998 years

Paul Beard Paul Beard-2
  • Andrew Gohn
  • Birth Date: 1977, 09 of June
  • Lucky number: 87
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
Andrew Gohn Andrew Gohn-2
Daniella Evangelista Daniella Evangelista-2 Chris Terrio Chris Terrio-2
Heather Lauren Olson Heather Lauren Olson-2 Philipp Clarin Philipp Clarin-2
Torben Liebrecht Torben Liebrecht-2 Preity Zinta Preity Zinta-2
  • Miss Bunny
  • Birth Date: 1979, 01 of April
  • Lucky number: 35
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
Miss Bunny Miss Bunny-2
Antoine Monot Jr. Antoine Monot Jr.-2
Judith Benezra Judith Benezra-2
  • Shayna Lee
  • Birth Date: 1975, 06 of March
  • Lucky number: 27
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
Shayna Lee Shayna Lee-2
Elizabeth Dixon Elizabeth Dixon-2
Veronika Horka Veronika Horka-2 Alexia Landeau Alexia Landeau-2
Jonathan Tucker Jonathan Tucker-2 Alex J. Johnson Alex J. Johnson-2
Karimah Westbrook Karimah Westbrook-2 Harvey Silver Harvey Silver-2
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