Interesting facts of their life:
  • Pupi Avati -

    Pupi Avati

    An eminent director of the Italian film industry, Pupi Avati’s real name is Giuseppe Avati who is considered a legend as far as direction is concerned...

  • Maximilian Schell -

    Maximilian Schell:,The Die Haed Fan of America!

    Do you know that Maximilian Schell is an avid lover of Uncle Sam...

  • Andr√© Previn -

    André Previn

    André Previn is a British actor born on 13 June 1990 in Buckinghamshire, England...

  • Bill Melendez -

    Bill Melendez 

    Bill Melendez is an American Actor born on October 17, 1915 in Harlem, New York City...

  • Marilyn Monroe -

    Marilyn Monroe was an American actress. She was also a known, model, as well as a singer. She was born in 1926 June 1...

Celebrities from 1975-1998 years

Julia Stiles Julia Stiles-2 Kimberly Stewart Kimberly Stewart-2
Larenz Tate Larenz Tate-2 Alexis Thorpe Alexis Thorpe-2
Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake-2
  • David Tom
  • Birth Date: 1978, 23 of March
  • Lucky number: 94
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
David Tom David Tom-2
Heather Tom Heather Tom-2 Nicholle Tom Nicholle Tom-2
Michelle Trachtenberg Michelle Trachtenberg-2 Alanna Ubach Alanna Ubach-2
Scott Vickaryous Scott Vickaryous-2 Estella Warren
  • Joel West
  • Birth Date: 1975, 06 of April
  • Lucky number: 55
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
Joel West Joel West-2
Christy Romano Christy Romano-2
Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream-2 Jessica Cunningham Jessica Cunningham-2
Axel Melzener Axel Melzener-2 Pierre-Alexis Hollenbeck Pierre-Alexis Hollenbeck-2
Jason Allentoff Jason Allentoff-2
  • Olcun Tan
  • Birth Date: 1976, 01 of August
  • Lucky number: 8
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
Olcun Tan Olcun Tan-2
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