Interesting facts of their life:
  • Kimberly Peirce -

    Kimberly Peirce was born on September 8, 1967. Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the USA, she is a successful Director, a screenwriter, and a producer...

  • Björk -

    Björk, born on November 21, 1965 is an Iceland producer and song writer. The musical career from Björk began at her age of eleven when she was in a primary school of classical piano...

  • Antonio Albanese -

    Antonio Albanese, an Italian writer, comedian, actor and director, born on Oct 10, 1964 in Lombardy, studied in Milan at Civic Drama School with intention of pursuing acting as a career...

  • Parker Posey -

    Parker Christian Posey is a daughter of father Chris Posey and Mother Lynda on November 1996 in Baltimore, Maryland, America...

  • Martin Scorsese -

    Martin Scorsese: A Director Par Excellence

    Martin Scorsese, Oh the name brings up so many clip shots of numerous movies that have been directed by this talented director...

Celebrities from 1971-1974 years

Ryan Phillippe Ryan Phillippe-2 David Arquette David Arquette-2
Rose McGowan Gwyneth Paltrow Gwyneth Paltrow-2
Jada Pinkett Smith Jada Pinkett Smith-2 Josh Charles Josh Charles-2
James Duval James Duval-2 Jenna Elfman Jenna Elfman-2
Henry Thomas Henry Thomas-2 Sarah Bellomo Sarah Bellomo-2
Andrew Loschin Andrew Loschin-2
Dylan Pank Dylan Pank-2 Brian Ash Brian Ash-2
David Tarleton David Tarleton-2 Job ter Burg Job ter Burg-2
Kevin Hershberger Kevin Hershberger-2 Troy Bishop Troy Bishop-2
Michael G. England Michael G. England-2 Peter Kambasis Peter Kambasis-2
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