Interesting facts of their life:
  • Rodrigo Prieto -

    Born in Mexico, Rodrigo Prieto graduated in aeronautical engineering, NY. He was born on November 1965...

  • Rachel Weisz -

    Rachel Weisz was born on 7 March 1970 in London, UK. She is an actress and fashion model. After finishing school, Rachel went to Trinity Hall, Cambridge...

  • Marianne Jean-Baptiste -

    Marianne Ragipcien Jean-Baptiste, a British actress, born (Apr 26, 1967) in London, got herself trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and has given performances at the Royal National Theater...

  • Marilyn Bergman -

    Marilyn Bergman: An Enigma!

    Marilyn Bergman is a woman of many talents and rarely do we come across such accomplished stars that have contributed tremendously towards art and films...

  • John Mahoney -

    John Mahoney is the award-winning actor of America and john was born at Blackpool, Lancashire in England...

Celebrities from 1971-1974 years

Mark Breakspear Mark Breakspear-2 Ricardo Chavira Ricardo Chavira-2
Kelly Chen Kelly Chen-2 Caco Ciocler Caco Ciocler-2
Víctor Clavijo Víctor Clavijo-2 Paddy Considine Paddy Considine-2
Mackenzie Crook Mackenzie Crook-2 Luis Daniel Ponce Luis Daniel Ponce-2
Matt Day Matt Day-2 Agata De Santis Agata De Santis-2
David Flamholc David Flamholc-2 Martin Freeman Martin Freeman-2
Kenta Fukasaku Kenta Fukasaku-2 Nona Gaye Nona Gaye-2
Mateo Gil Mateo Gil-2 Diana Groó Diana Groó-2
Sebastian Gutierrez Sebastian Gutierrez-2 Daniel Guzmán Daniel Guzmán-2
Pat Healy Pat Healy-2 Alex Heffes Alex Heffes-2
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