Interesting facts of their life:
  • Lee Remick -

    Lee Remick

    Lee Ann Remick alias Lee Remick as she was popularly called was an American actress who performed on both screen and television...

  • Peter Bogdanovich -

    Peter Bogdanovich was born on 30 July in the year 1939, in New York city in the United States. He is considered a part of the wave of new Hollywood directors that also included the likes of Martin Scorsese and Michael Cimino to name a few...

  • Patrick Stewart -

    The theater is at the centre of the life of the actor. He began at the age of nine years in the role of Tom of Towngate and when it comes to college at the age of 12, he perseveres by taking acting classes...

  • Ken Russell -

    Ken Russell was an English film director. He was born in 1927 July 3 in England. He was known for his donations to the world of cinematography...

  • Telly Savalas -

    Telly savalas was born on January 21, 1922 in garden city, New York. He died on January 22, 1994 in universal city, California...

Celebrities from 1971-1974 years

Oliver Berben Oliver Berben-2 Ahmed Best Ahmed Best-2
Robert Black Robert Black-2 Tempestt Bledsoe Tempestt Bledsoe-2
Ryan Bollman Ryan Bollman-2 Kristin Booth Kristin Booth-2
Katia Boutin Katia Boutin-2 Raoul Bova Raoul Bova-2
Leticia Brédice Leticia Brédice-2 Daniel Burman Daniel Burman-2
Scott Michael Campbell Scott Michael Campbell-2 Sammi Cheng Sammi Cheng-2
Joely Collins Joely Collins-2 Lee H. Ellenberg Lee H. Ellenberg-2
Vera Farmiga Vera Farmiga-2 Peter Franzén Peter Franzén-2
Stephen Fung Stephen Fung-2 Joaquín Furriel Joaquín Furriel-2
Antonio Garrido Antonio Garrido-2 Vanessa Gerbelli Vanessa Gerbelli-2
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