Interesting facts of their life:
  • Alec Guinness -

    Alec Guinness

    Alec Guinness is a talented British actor along with professions like directing and script writing...

  • Gena Rowlands -

    Gena Rowlands

    Gena Rowlands is an American actress born on August 9, 1985 in Portland, Maine, U...

  • Patrick Williams -

    Patrick Williams is an American composer of music for film and television, born April 23, 1939 in Bonne Terre, Missouri...

  • Michael Crichton -

    John Michael Crichtonor MD or famous by Michael Crichton born on October 23, 1942 and died November 4, 2008) was an American best-selling author, producer, physician, Screenwriter and director...

  • James Cagney -

    There is no doubt that he is the male stars of Hollywood preeminent of every time which was eclipsed, possibly, by "King" Clark Gable as well as arguably by the Gary Cooper and Spencer Tracy, and quintessential of cinema "tough guy", James Cagney is even accomplished if instead stiff--hoofer which simply played the light comedy...

Celebrities from 1965-1967 years

Sophie Marceau Sophie Marceau-2 Anna Nicole Smith Anna Nicole Smith-2
Lisa Bonet Lisa Bonet-2 Jason Scott Lee Jason Scott Lee-2
David Schwimmer David Schwimmer-2 Ben Stiller Ben Stiller-2
Steve Zahn Steve Zahn-2
  • Björk
  • Birth Date: 1965, 21 of November
  • Lucky number: 12
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Björk Björk-2
Vincent Cassel Vincent Cassel-2
Dianah Wynter Dianah Wynter-2 Ingo Frenzel Ingo Frenzel-2
Athena Massey Athena Massey-2 Wendi Lampassi Wendi Lampassi-2
Michael Bard Bayer Michael Bard Bayer-2 Amy L. Klein Amy L. Klein-2
Juhi Chawla Juhi Chawla-2 Gianfranco Pierantoni Gianfranco Pierantoni-2
Garcelle Beauvais Garcelle Beauvais-2 Boris Becker Boris Becker-2
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