Interesting facts of their life:
  • Lucy Liu -

    Lucy Alexis Liu, an American actress, artist, model, director and occasional film producer, born (December 2, 1968) in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, is a bachelor degree holder in Asian Languages and cultures...

  • Peter O'Toole -

    Peter O'Toole

    A Shakespearean actor to have outsmarted many of his contemporaries is the very handsome and blue eyed actor Peter O’Toole, who we all identify with the film that made him a star...

  • Max von Sydow -

    Max von Sydow

    Max Von Sydow, best remembered as the quintessential handsome actor with looks that could simply flabbergast your senses will always be loved and respected for his acting abilities...

  • Natalie Wood -

    Natalie Wood

    A child actress, Natalie Woods rose to superstardom with many hugely acclaimed and successful films to her credit...

  • Kim Novak -

     Kim Novak is a famous American actress who was born in 1933 February 13. In 1954 when she was 21 she started her career in the world of Hollywood...

Celebrities from 1965-1967 years

Tia Carrere Diane Lane Diane Lane-2
Michelle Forbes Michelle Forbes-2 Julia Ormond Julia Ormond-2
Joely Richardson Joely Richardson-2 Tamlyn Tomita Tamlyn Tomita-2
Olivia Barash Olivia Barash-2 Alan Cumming Alan Cumming-2
Stacey Dash Patrick Dempsey Patrick Dempsey-2
Maria Pitillo Maria Pitillo-2 Emily Watson Emily Watson-2
Dexter Fletcher Dexter Fletcher-2 Anders Bohman Anders Bohman-2
Cliff Lanning Cliff Lanning-2 Francesco Marras Francesco Marras-2
Christian Schaefer Christian Schaefer-2 Alec Bartsch Alec Bartsch-2
Daniel M. Berger Daniel M. Berger-2 Malcolm Xerxes Malcolm Xerxes-2
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