Interesting facts of their life:
  • Jennifer Garner -

    Jennifer Garner was born on April 17, 1972 in Houston, Texas, U.S. He took her primary education at GeorgeWashington High School...

  • Chloë Sevigny -

    Chloe Stevens Sevigny is the full name for Chloe Sevigny. She is an American fashion designer, model and a film actress...

  • Dave Grusin -

    Dave Grusin

    Dave Grusin is an American Actor born on 20 August 1981 in London, England, UK...

  • Donald McAlpine -

    Before his film career, McAlpine was an education teacher in Parkes, New South Wales, Australia. He began employing a 16mm Camera to film athletes making ready for the Melbourne Olympiad...

  • Robby Müller -

    Robby was born at Curaçao in the year 1940 and then he moved and was settled to Amsterdam in the year 1953...


Senta Berger Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth Berridge Halle Berry
Bibi Besch Martine Beswick
Daniela Bianchi
Karen Black
  • Karen Black
  • Place of birth: Park Ridge, Illinois, USA
  • Top celebrities: 4012
Cate Blanchett
Joan Blondell Lisa Bonet
  • Lisa Bonet
  • Place of birth: San Francisco, California, USA
  • Top celebrities: 688
Geneviève Bujold Billie Burke
  • Billie Burke
  • Place of birth: Washington, District of Columbia, USA
  • Top celebrities: 9071
Carol Burnett Ellen Burstyn
Dyan Cannon
  • Dyan Cannon
  • Place of birth: Tacoma, Washington, USA
  • Top celebrities: 3917
  • Capucine
  • Place of birth: Saint-Raphaël, Var, France
  • Top celebrities: 9753
Claudia Cardinale
  • Claudia Cardinale
  • Place of birth: Tunis, French Protectorate Tunisia [now Tunisia]
  • Top celebrities: 3472
Mariah Carey
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