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Percy Adlon

Percy Adlon
  • Career: Director
  • Top celebrities: 7035
  • BirthDate: 1935, 01 of June , Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Spouse: Eleonore Adlon (? - present)
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Facts of life

    A German film and television director, producer, and screenwriter Percy Adlon was born on June 1, 1935 in Munich. His birth name is Paul Rudolf Parsifal Adlon, he spent most of his childhood in the Bavarian countryside. While in school and college, he was an active member of the theater group, and took singing and acting classes as well. One of the highlights of his career was the movie Baghdad café also known as out of Rosenheim. He has made over 150 documentaries related to human life and art that have carved a niche for them. He made a short film for Bavarian viewers, his first in the year 1970, which set a benchmark in his career. He currently works as an independent filmmaker and director. He has also won numerous awards like Swedish and Danish academy awards to name a few. His belief is that movie making and cinema is art rather than science or a commercial venture, this is probably what sets him apart from his contemporaries.

  • Awards: Won Adolf Grimme Award in Gold - 1979 for "Fiction/Entertainment for:Der Vormund und sein Dichter (1978) (TV). Shared with: Rolf Illig (lead actor)"
    Won Amanda - 1989 for "Best Foreign Feature Film (Årets utenlandske spillefilm) for:Out of Rosenheim (1987)."
    Won Bavarian Film Award - 1988 for "Best Screenplay (Drehbuchpreis) for:Out of Rosenheim (1987). Shared with: Eleonore Adlon"
    Won Bavarian Film Award - 1983 for "Best Direction (Regiepreis) for:Fünf letzte Tage (1983)."
    Won Bavarian TV Award - 1997 for "for:In der glanzvollen Welt des Hotel Adlon (1996) (TV)."
    Won Silver Raven - 1994 for "for:Younger and Younger (1993)."
    Nominated Palme d'Or - 1989 for "for:Rosalie Goes Shopping (1989)."
    Won César - 1989 for "Best Film of the European Community (Meilleur film de l'Europe communautaire) for:Out of Rosenheim (1987)."
    Won Ernst Lubitsch Award - 1988 for "for:Out of Rosenheim (1987)."
    Won Critics Award - 1989 for "Best Foreign Film for:Out of Rosenheim (1987). West Germany. Tied with The Dead (1987)."
    Won Guild Film Award - Gold - 1989 for "German Film (Deutscher Film) for:Out of Rosenheim (1987)."
    Won Guild Film Award - Silver - 1984 for "German Film (Deutscher Film) for:Céleste (1980)."
    Nominated Independent Spirit Award - 1989 for "Best Foreign Film for:Out of Rosenheim (1987). West Germany."
    Won Grand Prix des Amériques - 1991 for "for:Salmonberries (1991)."
    Won Robert - 1989 for "Best Foreign Film (Årets udenlandske spillefilm) for:Out of Rosenheim (1987)."
    Nominated Tokyo Grand Prix - 1993 for "for:Younger and Younger (1993)."
    Won Silver Spike - 1985 for "for:Zuckerbaby (1985)."
  • Position in top best awards winner: 915
  • Films with Percy Adlon: Mahler on the Couch - 2010
    Koenig's Sphere: The German Sculptor Fritz Koenig at Ground Zero - 2001
    Hawaiian Gardens - 2001
    Zirkus um Zauberflöte - 1999
    Forever Flirt - 1999
    The Glamorous World of the Adlon Hotel - 1996
    Younger and Younger - 1993
    Salmonberries - 1991
    Red Hot and Blue - 1990
    Rosalie Goes Shopping - 1989
    Bagdad Cafe - 1987
    Herschel und die Musik der Sterne - 1986
    Zuckerbaby - 1985
    Fünf letzte Tage - 1983
    Die Schaukel - 1983
    Céleste - 1980
    Herr Kischott - 1980
    The Guardian and His Poet - 1978
    Babycakes - 1989
    Eat Your Heart Out - 1999
    The Whole Wide World - 1996
    Welcome to Shady Pines - 2008
    Filmlegenden. Deutsch - 2005
    Musen, Macht und Glamour - Die Welt der Maximilianstrasse - 2004
    Gero von Boehm begegnet... - 2003
    Biography - 2001
    Hollywood, Germany - 1997
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Also born in June 1932-1937