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Caroline Aherne

Caroline Aherne
  • Career: Actress
  • Top celebrities: 17164
  • BirthDate: 1963, 24 of December , Manchester, Lancashire, England, UK
  • Spouse: Peter Hook (1994 - 1997) (divorced)
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Facts of life

    Caroline aherne is an English actress, comedian and screenplay writer (born on Dec 24, 1963).  She learned about drama in Liverpool polytechnic.  She began her acting career in the Manchester comedy troop and familiarly known as Mitzi Goldberg.  She is best known for her character called Mrs. Merton. “The Mrs. Merton show” helped her to grab the BAFTA award in the year 1995.  She wrote for a comedy TV series called Fast show, which earned her a good name for her screenplay.  This series was aired in BBC channel from 1994 to 97.  Another remarkable comedy series wrote by Aherne is “The Royle family”.  She directed the show in the 3rd season, which gained a huge commercial hit.  In the 2011 it was confirmed in the media that Aherne would work with the all the crewmembers of The Fast show comedy series excluding Mark Williams to release the online form of the show (produced by Fosters). She was married to Peter hook in the year 1994 and lived together for three years.  She is currently working for an ITV sitcom called “The security men”.      

  • Awards: Won BAFTA TV Award - 2007 for "Best Situation Comedy for:"The Royle Family" (1998). Shared with: Craig Cash John Rushton Phil Mealey For "Queen of Sheba"."
    Nominated BAFTA TV Award - 2001 for "Best Comedy Performance for:"The Royle Family" (1998)."
    Won BAFTA TV Award - 2000 for "Best Comedy Performance for:"The Royle Family" (1998)."
    Nominated BAFTA TV Award - 1999 for "Best Comedy (Programme or Series) for:"The Royle Family" (1998). Shared with: Glen Wilhilde Mark Mylod Craig Cash Henry Normal"
    Won BAFTA TV Award - 1997 for "Best Talk Show for:"The Mrs. Merton Show" (1994). Shared with: Mark Gorton Pati Marr For the christmas show."
    Won British Comedy Award - 1999 for "Best TV Comedy Actress for:"The Royle Family" (1998) and "Mrs. Merton and Malcolm" (1999)."
    Won British Comedy Award - 1997 for "Top BBC1 Personality for:"The Mrs. Merton Show" (1994)."
    Won Writer's Award - 1999 for "for:"The Royle Family" (1998). Shared with: Craig Cash Henry Normal"
    Won RTS Television Award - 2000 for "Best Writer for:"The Royle Family" (1998). Shared with: Craig Cash"
    Won TRIC Award - 1997 for "New TV Talent of the Year"
  • Position in top best awards winner: 1526
  • Films with Caroline Aherne: The Fast Show Faster - 2011
    The Royle Family - 1998-2010
    Sunshine - 2008
    Mrs. Merton and Malcolm - 1999
    The Mrs. Merton Show - 1995-1998
    The Fast Show - 1994-1997
    Auntie's All-Time Greats - 1996
    The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer - 1995
    The World of Lee Evans - 1995
    Comic Timing - 1993
    It's a Mad World, World, World, World - 1993
    Frank Sidebottom's Fantastic Shed Show - 1992
    The Royle Family - 1998-2009
    The Fattest Man in Britain - 2009
    Dossa and Joe - 2002
    The Fast Show - 1994-1996
    The Royle Family - 1998-2006
    The Royle Family - 2000-2009
    Early Doors - 2003
    The Royle Family Portraits - 2010
    The Royle Family: Behind the Sofa - 2010
    Just for Laughs - 2005
    Victoria Wood with All the Trimmings - 2000
    The Comedy Trail: A Shaggy Dog Story - 1999
    An Audience with Tom Jones - 1999
    Clive Anderson All Talk - 1999
    It's Only TV... But I Like It - 1999
    The Frank Skinner Show - 1999
    An Audience with the Bee Gees - 1998
    Fantasy World Cup - 1998
    Heroes of Comedy - 1998
    TFI Friday - 1997
    Shooting Stars - 1995
    50 Greatest Comedy Catchphrases - 2008
    The Comedy Christmas - 2007
    Memoirs of a Cigarette - 2007
    The Comedy Map of Britain - 2007
    Greatest TV Comedy Moments - 2005
    The Sketch Show Story - 2001
    The 100 Greatest TV Characters - 2001
    The Fast Show - 2000
    Heroes of Comedy - 2000
  • Caroline Aherne
    Caroline Aherne
    Caroline Aherne
    Caroline Aherne
    Caroline Aherne
    Caroline Aherne
    Caroline Aherne
    Caroline Aherne
    Caroline Aherne
    Caroline Aherne
    Caroline Aherne
    Caroline Aherne
Also born in December 1962-1964