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Nan Triveni Achnas

Nan Triveni Achnas
  • Career: Director
  • Top celebrities: 6763
  • BirthDate: 1963, 09 of 0 , Singapore
  • Spouse: single
  • Zodiac sign:
  • Facts of life

    Nan Triveni Achnas also known as Nan Achnas, a director producer, was born in Singapore, grew up in Kulalampur, Malaysia and work from Indonesia. Se has worked in a number of films that have won awards in various International film festivals. Her father named Nas Achnas also works as film director in Singapore and Malaysia. She made the movie Kuldesak in 1998 along with Riri Riza, Mira Lesmana, and Rizal Mantovani. IN the year 2001, her whispering sand bagged eight International film awards including awards at the Rotterdam International Film festival, Seattle International Film festival, Pusan International film festival, French-Asian Pacific film festival and Deauville International film festival. Her next movie Flags made in 2003, won at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Her film Photograph (2007) got four grants from the Govt. of France, Goteborg International film festival, Locamo International film festival and the Prince Claus Award of Holland. She continues to teach at the School of Film andTeleviison at Arts Institute.

  • Awards: Nominated Asia Pacific Screen Award - 2009 for "Best Children's Feature Film for:3 doa 3 cinta (2008). Shared with: Adiyanto Sumardjono Nurman Hakim"
    Won Special Jury Award - 2001 for "for:Pasir berbisik (2001). To the most promising director."
    Won Netpac Award - Special Mention - 2003 for "for:Pasir berbisik (2001)."
    Won Award of Ecumenical Jury - 2008 for "for:The Photograph (2007)."
    Won FIPRESCI Prize - 2002 for "for:Pasir berbisik (2001). For focusing on the grim consequences of political history on hapless individuals through subdued, moving metaphors."
    Nominated New Currents Award - 2001 for "for:Pasir berbisik (2001)."
    Won Prince Claus Fund Film Grant - 2002 for "For "The Photograph"."
    Won Asian Trade Winds Special Jury Prize - 2002 for "for:Pasir berbisik (2001). Shared with: Pen-Ek Ratanaruang"
    Nominated Silver Screen Award - 2002 for "Best Asian Feature Film for:Pasir berbisik (2001)."
    Nominated Silver Screen Award - 1999 for "Best Asian Feature Film for:Kuldesak (1999). Shared with: Mira Lesmana Riri Riza Rizal Mantovani"
    Nominated Tokyo Grand Prix - 2002 for "for:Bendera (2002)."
  • Position in top best awards winner: 1138
  • Films with Nan Triveni Achnas: The Photograph - 2007
    Bendera - 2002
    Invisible Garments, Expensive Soles - 2002
    Whispering Sands - 2001
    Kuldesak - 1999
    The Little Gayo Singer - 1995
    Pesantren: 3 Wishes 3 Loves - 2008
  • Nan Triveni Achnas
    Nan Triveni Achnas
    Nan Triveni Achnas
    Nan Triveni Achnas
    Nan Triveni Achnas
    Nan Triveni Achnas
    Nan Triveni Achnas
    Nan Triveni Achnas
    Nan Triveni Achnas
    Nan Triveni Achnas
Also born in 0 1962-1964