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Kimberly Peirce

Kimberly Peirce
  • Career: Director
  • Top celebrities: 6816
  • BirthDate: 1967, 08 of September , Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Spouse: single
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Facts of life

    Kimberly Peirce was born on September 8, 1967. Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the USA, she is a successful Director, a screenwriter, and a producer. She started her career in the year 1994.

    Kimberly Peirce got her graduation with a major in English. She also took a diploma in Japanese literature at the ChicagoUniversity. During her living in JAPAN, she worked there for 2 years as a photographer, and writing different articles for magazines about movies.

    She worked on the development of "Silent Star" which was one of earliest Hollywoods scandals about the murder of William Desmond Taylor. In 2003 she already made a film cast with Ben Kingsley, Hugh Jackman also makes a movie of 20 million dollars.

    He also directed Hilary Swank and Chloe Sevigny whom were nominated in Oscar. The movie “The Last Good Breath” made her ranked second at the Canada International Film Festival.

  • Awards: Won BSFC Award - 1999 for "Best New Filmmaker for:Boys Don't Cry (1999)."
    Nominated Chlotrudis Award - 2000 for "Best Director for:Boys Don't Cry (1999)."
    Won Andrew Sarris Award - 2008 for ""
    Nominated Screen International Award - 1999 for "for:Boys Don't Cry (1999). USA"
    Nominated Grand Prix Asturias - 1999 for "Best Feature for:Boys Don't Cry (1999)."
    Nominated Independent Spirit Award - 2000 for "Best First Feature - Over $500,000 for:Boys Don't Cry (1999). Shared with: Jeff Sharp (producer) John Hart (producer) Eva Kolodner (producer) Christine Vachon (producer)"
    Won Sierra Award - 2000 for "Best Director for:Boys Don't Cry (1999)."
    Won FIPRESCI Prize - 1999 for "for:Boys Don't Cry (1999). Because the film really hits you, with its excellent acting, tight script and confrontation with sexual identity and social intolerance."
    Won Festival Diploma - 2000 for "Best Full-Length Fiction Film for:Boys Don't Cry (1999). Shared with: Hilary Swank (special distinction) With a special distinction to the outstanding performance by Hilary Swank."
    Won NBR Award - 1999 for "Outstanding Directorial Debut for:Boys Don't Cry (1999)."
    2nd place NYFCC Award - 1999 for "Best First Film for:Boys Don't Cry (1999)."
    Nominated Robert - 2001 for "Best American Film (Årets amerikanske film) for:Boys Don't Cry (1999)."
    Nominated Golden Satellite Award - 2000 for "Best Director for:Boys Don't Cry (1999)."
    Won Audience Choice Award - 1999 for "for:Boys Don't Cry (1999)."
    Won Audience Award - 2000 for "for:Boys Don't Cry (1999)."
    Won Best Screenplay - 1999 for "for:Boys Don't Cry (1999)."
    Won Rosebud - 1999 for "Best Film for:Boys Don't Cry (1999)."
    Won Young Hollywood Award - 2000 for "Best Director for:Boys Don't Cry (1999)."
  • Position in top best awards winner: 752
  • Films with Kimberly Peirce: Carrie - 2013
    Stop-Loss - 2008
    The L Word - 2006
    Boys Don't Cry - 1999
    Boys Don't Cry - 1995
    The Last Good Breath - 1994
    Greetings from Africa - 1996
    Anastasia and the Queen of Hearts - 1996
    Soloist - 1994
    Mary and Bill - 2010
    This Film Is Not Yet Rated - 2006
    Raging Bull: Reflections on a Classic - 2011
    The Making of 'Stop-Loss' - 2008
    The Masterpiece That Almost Wasn't - 2008
    Up Close with Carrie Keagan - 2008
    My Shot With - 2008
    Charlie Rose - 2002
    The 72nd Annual Academy Awards - 2000
    The 57th Annual Golden Globe Awards - 2000
    American Justice - 1992
  • Kimberly Peirce
    Kimberly Peirce
    Kimberly Peirce
    Kimberly Peirce
    Kimberly Peirce
    Kimberly Peirce
    Kimberly Peirce
    Kimberly Peirce
    Kimberly Peirce
    Kimberly Peirce
    Kimberly Peirce
    Kimberly Peirce
Also born in September 1965-1967