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Steve Balderson

Steve Balderson
  • Career: Director
  • Top celebrities: 8387
  • BirthDate: 1975, 19 of January , Manhattan, Kansas, USA
  • Spouse: single
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Facts of life

    The full name of Steve Balderson is Stephen Clark Balderson. He is a film director in America. He was born on 19th January 1975 in the place called Manhattan, which is located in Kansas. He was brought up in a place called Wamego, which is near to Manhattan and located in Kansas until he is 12 years old. He joined in the California Institute of Arts for learning about filmmaking. However, he did not complete his graduation; rather he learned many things by working along with his dean Hartmut Bitomsky for several months. In the year 1996, Balderson came back to Kansas, which his birthplace and directed his first feature film Pep Squad which is his debut film after discontinuing from the California Institute of Arts. Pep Squad distribution and releasing rights were sold in the year 2009 to Lloyd Kaufman who is his mentor. In 2005, his second feature film is Firecracker. This is a masterpiece of Balderson and it has won an award too.

  • Awards: Won B-Movie Award - 2000 for "Best Screenplay for:Pep Squad (1998)."
    Nominated International Fantasy Film Award - 2005 for "Best Film for:Firecracker (2005)."
    Nominated International Fantasy Film Award - 1999 for "Best Film for:Pep Squad (1998)."
    Won Independent Filmmaker Award - 2004 for ""
    Won Independent Filmmaker Award - 2002 for ""
    Won Outstanding Achievement Award - 2011 for "Directing for:The Casserole Club (2012)."
    Won Domani Vision Award - 2005 for "for:Firecracker (2005)."
  • Position in top best awards winner: 1497
  • Films with Steve Balderson: The Far Flung Star - 2014
    Culture Shock - 2013
    The Casserole Club - 2012
    Stuck! - 2009
    Wamego: Ultimatum - 2009
    Watch Out - 2008
    Underbelly - 2008
    Wamego Strikes Back - 2007
    Phone Sex - 2006
    Firecracker - 2005
    Wamego: Making Movies Anywhere - 2004
    Pep Squad - 1998
    What Is Scary? - 2012
    Camp Casserole - 2011
    Through the Lens - 2011
    Good Night, Doll - 2011
  • Steve Balderson
    Steve Balderson
    Steve Balderson
    Steve Balderson
    Steve Balderson
    Steve Balderson
    Steve Balderson
    Steve Balderson
    Steve Balderson
    Steve Balderson
    Steve Balderson
    Steve Balderson
Also born in January 1975-1998