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Matthew Kershaw

Matthew Kershaw
  • Career:
  • Top celebrities: 6263
  • BirthDate: 1972, 15 of February , Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Spouse: single
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Awards: Won AMPIA Award - 2008 for "Best Lifestyle Series for:"At the End of My Leash" (2007). Shared with: Jean Merriman Lisa Cichelly Jade Merriman"
    Nominated DGC Team Award - 2003 for "Outstanding Achievement in a Feature Film for:Ararat (2002). Shared with: Cindy L. Irwin (Trainee Assistant Director) Emir Geljo (2nd Assistant Art Director) Susan Shipton (Picture Editor) Kim Goddard-Rains (Production Coordinator) Pierrette Pretty (Trainee Assistant Director) Jill Antal (Assistant Accountant) Douglas Piepgrass (Production Assistant) Garfield Russell (3rd Assistant Director) D. Joanne Malo (2nd Assistant Director) James Duffy (Location P.A.) Kathleen Climie (Art Director) Janine Anderton (Prod. Coordinator/Prod. Manager) Fergus Barnes (1st Assistant Director) Troy Rudolph (Production Assistant) Peter Horn (Assistant Location Manager) Janet Stephen (Trainee Coordinator) Steve Munro (Sound Designer) Stephanie Collins (1st Assistant Art Director) Phillip Barker (Production Designer) Pat Flood (Set Designer) Anthony Hart (Production Assistant) Eardley Wilmot (Location Manager) Robert Hilton (Location Manager) Malcolm McCulloch (Assistant Location Manager) Barbara Chisholm (Assistant Prod. Coordinator) Darren Wilson (2nd Assistant Accountant) Atom Egoyan (Director) Irene Phelps (Production Assistant) Stuart Becker (Production Assistant) Sue Conley (ADR Editor) Michele Francis (1st Assistant Picture Editor) Ken Cade (Sound Effects Editor) Wiebke von Carolsfeld (Director Observer) David J. Webb (Crew Consultant) David Drainie Taylor (Dialogue Editor) Colin Baxter (Assistant Sound Effects Editor)"
    Nominated Gemini - 2008 for "Best Lifestyle/Practical Information Series for:"At the End of My Leash" (2007). Shared with: Jean Merriman Lisa Cichelly"
  • Position in top best awards winner: 2875
  • Films with Matthew Kershaw: Puppy SOS - 2011
    In the Dog House - 2007-2010
    Stepping in It - 2005
    Passion - 1993
    In the Dog House - 2007-2009
    Half Mile of Hell - 2005
    Rich Bride, Poor Bride - 2006
    In the Dog House - 2007-2008
    Open Range - 2003
    Johnson County War - 2002
    A Father's Choice - 2000
    The Sheldon Kennedy Story - 1999
    Ebenezer - 1998
    I'll Be Home for Christmas - 1998
    Noah - 1998
    Summer of the Monkeys - 1998
    The Hired Heart - 1997
    Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show - 1997
    Survival on the Mountain - 1997
    Gone in a Heartbeat - 1996
    In Cold Blood - 1996
    Viper - 1996
    Portraits of a Killer - 1996
    Angel Flight Down - 1996
    Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years - 1995
    Black Fox - 1995
    Legends of the Fall - 1994
    While Justice Sleeps - 1994
    How the West Was Fun - 1994
    Lonesome Dove: The Series - 1994
    Cool Runnings - 1993
    DreamKeeper - 2003
    Ararat - 2002
    Caitlin's Way - 2000-2002
    Tom Stone - 2002
    Cover Story - 2002
    Anthrax - 2001
    A Shot in the Face - 2001
    The Claim - 2000
    Snow Day - 2000
    In the Blue Ground: A north of 60 mystery - 1999
    North of 60 - 1992
  • Matthew Kershaw
    Matthew Kershaw
    Matthew Kershaw
    Matthew Kershaw
    Matthew Kershaw
    Matthew Kershaw
    Matthew Kershaw
    Matthew Kershaw
    Matthew Kershaw
    Matthew Kershaw
    Matthew Kershaw
    Matthew Kershaw
Also born in February 1971-1974