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Julian Richards

Julian Richards
  • Career: Director
  • Top celebrities: 6917
  • BirthDate: 1965, 31 of July , Newport, Gwent, Wales, UK
  • Spouse: single
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Facts of life

    Julian Richards born in 1951 is a well-known British television and radio presenter. With more than 30 years experience, he is also a successful writer and archaeologist.

    After joining the group Wessex Archaeology, Julian Richards led the Stonehenge Environs Project, which studiedStonehengeand the surrounding landscape. This is when he first encountered the media and contributed added parts to programs aboutStonehenge. In 1991, together with fellow John Hawkes and Peter Cox from Wessex Archaeology, he started the AC Archaeology. Based in Wiltshire, it was a small and independent organization created as an alternative to larger ones.

    Three years later, Richards left the advertisement archaeology and joined the English Heritage in order to work on the Monuments Protection Program. After this, he worked as a site inspector and completed reports on the matter of protecting important archaeological sites. The program Chariot Queen, he made, brought the award for the British Archaeological Award.

    V MO� wH„�was voted the best promising new actress by the Chicago Film Critics. For the role she had in Down to You from 2000 she received a nomination for the Teen Choice Awards.

  • Awards: Nominated BAFTA Cymru Award - 2008 for "Best Film (Y FFilm Orau) for:Summer Scars (2007)."
    Won Honorable Mention - 1989 for "Drama for:Queen Sacrifice (1988)."
    Won Frank Copplestone First Time Director Award - 1988 for "for:Pirates (1988)."
    Won Silver Plaque - 1988 for "Student production - Short Subject for:Queen Sacrifice (1988)."
    Won Certificate of Merit - 1987 for "Student Film - Short Subject for:Pirates (1988)."
    Won Special Commendation - 1988 for "Short Film for:Queen Sacrifice (1988)."
    Won Grand Prize of European Fantasy Film in Silver - 2004 for "for:The Last Horror Movie (2003)."
    Won Critics' Award - 2004 for "for:The Last Horror Movie (2003)."
    Won Critics' Award - 1997 for "for:Darklands (1996)."
    Won Best Independent Feature Award - 2003 for "Best Feature Film for:The Last Horror Movie (2003)."
    Won Best Independent Feature Award - 1997 for "Independent Feature Film for:Darklands (1996)."
    Won Golden Knight - 1990 for "Class B for:Queen Sacrifice (1988)."
    Won Festival Prize - 2008 for "Best Director for:Summer Scars (2007)."
    Won Audience Award - 2004 for "Best Feature Film for:The Last Horror Movie (2003)."
    2nd place Jury Award - 1987 for "for:Pirates (1988)."
    2nd place Jury Award - 2004 for "Best Feature - International for:The Last Horror Movie (2003)."
    Won Best Feature - 2004 for "for:The Last Horror Movie (2003)."
    Won Jury Prize - 2003 for "Best UK Feature for:The Last Horror Movie (2003)."
    Won Best Director - 2004 for "for:The Last Horror Movie (2003)."
    Won Jury Award - 2008 for "Best Narrative Feature for:Summer Scars (2007)."
    Nominated Best Film - 2003 for "for:The Last Horror Movie (2003)."
    Won Bronze Award - 2008 for "Suspense Thriller for:Summer Scars (2007)."
    Won Gold Award - 2003 for "Independent Theatrical Feature Films - Suspense/Thriller for:Silent Cry (2002)."
    Won Silver Award - 1997 for "Theatrivcal Feature Films - Fantasy/Horror for:Darklands (1996)."
  • Position in top best awards winner: 485
  • Films with Julian Richards: Shiver - 2011
    Charles Dickens's England - 2009
    Summer Scars - 2007
    Messiah - 2007
    The Last Horror Movie - 2003
    Silent Cry - 2002
    Darklands - 1996
    A Mutter of Voices - 1994
    Bad Company - 1992
    Wales Playhouse - 1990
    Pirates - 1988
    Queen Sacrifice - 1988
    Brookside - 1982
    Panic Button - 2011
    Slaughter of the Innocents - 1993
    The Micro Budget Cookbook - 2008
  • Julian Richards
    Julian Richards
    Julian Richards
    Julian Richards
    Julian Richards
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    Julian Richards
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Also born in July 1965-1967