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Cary Grant

Cary Grant
  • Career: Actor
  • Top celebrities: 3555
  • BirthDate: 1904, 18 of January , Horfield, Bristol, England, UK
  • Spouse: Barbara Harris (11 April 1981 - 29 November 1986) (his death), Dyan Cannon (22 July 1965 - 21 March 1968) (divorced) 1 daughter, Betsy Drake (25 December 1949 - 13 August 1962) (divorced), Barbara Hutton (8 July 1942 - 30 August 1945) (divorced), Virginia Cherrill (9 February 1934 - 26 March 1935) (divorced)
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Facts of life

    Cary Grant 

    Cary Grant is an American Actor born on October 17, 1915 in Harlem, New York City. He started his acting career at the age of 17, and in this short span of time, he has actually achieved a great deal of recognition and now currently has a big resume of commercially successful stage plays. Initially he starred in some short films, but with the amazing acting skills- he grabbed the attention of big stage plays houses. The successes of short films lead to his big debut in Broadway, after which he constantly went up in stage plays industry. In the short span of his career, he has acted in big production stage plays like They Too Arise, An Enemy of the People, A Memory of Two Mondays, The Creation of the World and Other Business, The Archbishop's Ceiling, Playing for Time, The Ride Down Mt. Morgan, among many more other stage plays.

  • Awards: Won Honorary Award - 1970 for "For his unique mastery of the art of screen acting with the respect and affection of his colleagues."
    Nominated Oscar - 1945 for "Best Actor in a Leading Role for:None But the Lonely Heart (1944)."
    Nominated Oscar - 1942 for "Best Actor in a Leading Role for:Penny Serenade (1941)."
    Nominated BAFTA Film Award - 1965 for "Best Foreign Actor for:Charade (1963)."
    Won David - 1960 for "Best Foreign Actor (Migliore Attore Straniero) for:North by Northwest (1959)."
    Won Golden Apple - 1942 for "Most Cooperative Actor"
    Nominated Golden Globe - 1964 for "Best Motion Picture Actor - Musical/Comedy for:Charade (1963)."
    Nominated Golden Globe - 1963 for "Best Motion Picture Actor - Musical/Comedy for:That Touch of Mink (1962)."
    Nominated Golden Globe - 1961 for "Best Motion Picture Actor - Musical/Comedy for:The Grass Is Greener (1960)."
    Nominated Golden Globe - 1960 for "Best Motion Picture Actor - Musical/Comedy for:Operation Petticoat (1959)."
    Nominated Golden Globe - 1959 for "Best Motion Picture Actor - Comedy/Musical for:Indiscreet (1958)."
    Nominated Golden Laurel - 1968 for "Male Star 12th place."
    Nominated Golden Laurel - 1967 for "Male Star 7th place."
    Won Golden Laurel - 1966 for "Male Star"
    2nd place Golden Laurel - 1965 for "Comedy Performance, Male for:Father Goose (1964)."
    Won Golden Laurel - 1964 for "Top Male Star"
    Won Golden Laurel - 1963 for "Top Male Comedy Performance for:That Touch of Mink (1962)."
    2nd place Golden Laurel - 1962 for "Top Male Star"
    Nominated Golden Laurel - 1961 for "Top Male Star 6th place."
    Won Golden Laurel - 1960 for "Top Male Comedy Performance for:Operation Petticoat (1959)."
    Won Golden Laurel - 1959 for "Top Male Comedy Performance for:Houseboat (1958)."
    Nominated Golden Laurel - 1958 for "Top Male Star 11th place."
    Won Star on the Walk of Fame - 1960 for "Motion Picture On 8 February 1960. At 1610 Vine Street."
    Won Star on the Walk of Fame - ???? for "Motion Picture At 1610 Vine Street."
  • Position in top best awards winner: 514
  • Salary: Madame verliert ihr Kleid (1932) $450/week
    Sinners in the Sun (1932) $450/week
    Merrily We Go to Hell (1932) $450/week
    Singapore Sue (1932) $150
    Die Frau im U-Boot (1932) $450/week
    Die blonde Venus (1932) $450/week
    Hot Saturday (1932) $450/week
    Madame Butterfly (1932) $450/week
    Sie tat ihm unrecht (1933) $750/week
    The Woman Accused (1933) $750/week
    The Eagle and the Hawk (1933) $750/week
    Gambling Ship (1933) $750/week
    Ich bin kein Engel (1933) $750/week
    Alice in Wonderland (1933) $750/week
    Madame befiehlt! (1935) $2,500/week
    Wings in the Dark (1935) $2,500/week
    Das letzte Fort (1935) $2,500/week
    Sylvia Scarlett (1935) $2,500/week + $15,000 bonus
    Big Brown Eyes (1936) $3,500/week
    Suzy (1936) $3,500/week
    The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss (1936) $3,500/week
    Wedding Present (1936) $3,500/week
    When You're in Love (1937) $50,000
    Das blonde Gespenst (1937) % of Gross
    The Toast of New York (1937) $50,000
    Die schreckliche Wahrheit (1937) $50,000 + 10% of gross ($500,000 in back end earnings)
    Bringing Up Baby (1938) $75,000+ 11% gross ($139,150)
    Gunga Din (1939) $125,000
    In Name Only (1939) $100,000
    The Philadelphia Story (1940) $150,000
    Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) $100,000
    None But the Lonely Heart (1944) $150,000 + 10% of the Profits
    Night and Day (1946) $150,000
    The Bishop's Wife (1947) $500,000
    I Was a Male War Bride (1949) $100,000 (plus 10% of the gross receipts if they reached $1m.)
    People Will Talk (1951) $300,000
    To Catch a Thief (1955) $750,000 + 10% of grosses over $8 million
    Indiscreet (1958) $300,000 + Rolls Royce
    North by Northwest (1959) $450,000 (plus $315,000 overtime and percentage of gross profit)
    Operation Petticoat (1959) $3,000,000 (including his percentage of the gross profits.)
    That Touch of Mink (1962) $4,000,000 (including his percentage of the gross profits.)
  • Cary Grant
    Cary Grant
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    Cary Grant
    Cary Grant
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    Cary Grant
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Also born in January 1903-1911