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Christopher Leone

Christopher Leone
  • Career: Director
  • Top celebrities: 6587
  • BirthDate: 1971, 13 of October , Middletown, New York, USA
  • Spouse: Pamela Wimberly (2004 - present)
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Facts of life

    Christopher Leone is a digital filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California.    He is also a TV series creator and a commercial director having a background in visual effects and CG animation. The detective/sci-fi   series The Lost Room was co written and co executive produced by Leone with Lions Gate Television was aired in the year 2006 and nominated for a Writer’s Guild Award in 2008. His short film K-7 was screened at 60 film festivals and won 12 awards a Grand prize at the LA Web fest. During 2009, the first comic book we kill monsters was published by Red comics. His Suit up- season one, in 2012 was premiered in Yahoo and Crackle in Sep 2012 and in Direct TV in 2013. He also directed the second season of Suit Up- one and done, a Fox Digital web series dealing with scandal inside college sports. He has directed commercial spots for Disney, Real California and Nintendo.

  • Awards: Nominated Gold Hugo - 1999 for "Best Short Film for:To Build a Better Mousetrap (1999)(short film)."
    Won Grand Jury Award - 2006 for "Shorts for:K-7 (2006)."
    Won Special Mention of the Jury - 2006 for "International Competition for:K-7 (2006)."
    Won Festival Prize - 2006 for "Best Short Film - Narrative for:K-7 (2006)."
    Won Audience Award - 2007 for "Best Short for:K-7 (2006)."
    Won Certificate of Merit - 2000 for "Film & Video - Animation for:To Build a Better Mousetrap (1999)."
    Won George Sidney Independent Film Competition Winner - 1999 for "Best Animation for:To Build a Better Mousetrap (1999)."
    Won Film Discovery Jury Award - 2006 for "Best Live Action Short for:K-7 (2006)."
    Won Special Jury Award - 2006 for "for:K-7 (2006)."
    Won Honorable Mention - 2006 for "Best Short Narrative for:K-7 (2006)."
    Nominated WGA Award (TV) - 2008 for "Long Form - Original for:"Das verschwundene Zimmer" (2006). Shared with: Laura Harkcom Paul Workman (story - ep. 1)"
  • Position in top best awards winner: 1394
  • Films with Christopher Leone: Crime and Punishment in Suburbia - 2000
    The Crow: Salvation - 2000
    Brokedown Palace - 1999
    A Midsummer Night's Dream - 1999
    The X Files - 1998
    Great Expectations - 1998
    The Edge - 1997
    Jingle All the Way - 1996
    Romeo + Juliet - 1996
    Phenomenon - 1996
    The Cable Guy - 1996
    The Craft - 1996
    James and the Giant Peach - 1996
    Wolfpack of Reseda - 2012
    TV You Control: Bar Karma - 2011
    K-7 - 2006
    Re: Stinky Boss - 2002
    To Build a Better Mousetrap - 1999
    The Lost Room - 2006
    The Walter Mitty Condition - 2002
    Waiting for Michelle - 2004
    Who, Me? - 1999
    Inside the Lost Room - 2007
    Exposure - 2000
  • Christopher Leone
    Christopher Leone
    Christopher Leone
    Christopher Leone
Also born in October 1971-1974